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Documenting Research on the History of Childhood and Education

Primary Source Scavenger Hunt | September 26 2017

Primary Source Scavenger Hunt By Brittany McKay, Philip Godin, Sarah McChesney, Katryna Barone, Tek Nath, Oliver O’Dell, Arlena Bateman         We decided to examine a photo of nine Swampy Cree boys praying on their beds at the Bishop… Continue Reading →

A Thank You to All My Past Teachers

This course has given me a much greater appreciation for teachers, and all other educational professionals. From elementary school, to high school, to university, as well as music teachers, sports teachers, and art teachers, my life has been constantly impacted… Continue Reading →

The 3 R’s

My father, who today is a pharmacist, sports enthusiast, dog lover, and the workplace clown (formally a class clown I am sure), has always preached to my siblings and I about the three “R’s”, those being: reading, writing, and arithmetic…. Continue Reading →

Reflection on Weekly Analysis

During the first class we had I was shocked upon hearing that we would have to complete a reading analysis each week. I felt myself begin to dread the weekly assignments, but looking back at the weekly analysis now, at… Continue Reading →

Final Research Paper | December 8th 2017

Sideshow Stars to Schoolhouse Burdens: The Evolution of the Treatment and Education of Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children in Canada as Influenced by Society           The mentally and physically ill have long been the black sheep… Continue Reading →

“Finding Everything Alright?”

Last year I got a seasonal job at Chapters bookstore, and this year I was hired back on for the holiday season. Our managers ask us to share a story at the end of each shift on how we have… Continue Reading →

Primary Document Analysis: United Nations “Declaration of the Rights of the Child” | November 7 2017

          On November 20th, 1959 the United Nations proclaimed in a general assembly the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, to protect and ensure the well being and happiness of all children. The Declaration was… Continue Reading →

Statement of Process

How did you choose your topic?  Please explain in as much detail as possible. I was trying to think of an unique topic, and with Halloween approaching, and having our very own Tranquille farms, which was an old mental institution,… Continue Reading →

Research Proposal | October 2 2017

         My research paper will be looking at the lives of children with mental and physical disabilities, and the changing attitudes towards these children and their treatment. This paper will focus mainly on the time period of… Continue Reading →

Weekly Analysis #9 | November 7 2017

              The three sources analyzed this week look at the challenges and shortcomings of progressive learning curriculums in Canada between the 1960’s and 1980s’. To do this, these sources use oral histories, direct quotes,… Continue Reading →

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